Phase 1: Internal training session “Global Academy” (October-December, 2015)


The program aims at fostering of "Global Professionals" who will contribute to increase Japan's presence in the global community by creating innovative solutions to solve trans-scientific problems.
The program was co-designed by TUAT and the Japanese business circle.

Participant Companies in 2015

  • Hitachi Solutions, Ltd.

Target Students

  • Undergraduate and master’s course students
  • All majors in TUAT

Program Theme in 2015

  • Life-style Innovation
  • Global GAP(Good Agricultural Practice)and Japanese agriculture
  • Sustainable coexistence between people and nature

Lesson plans & Schedule

This program consists of two parts, the global communication training session and the creative thinking training session. In the latter session, students worked in groups, made innovative business plans and proposed to the participant companies.

10/3Assertive communication and negotiation skills
10/10Presentation skills- How to make your presentation more persuasive
10/17Lectures by Participant companies
Group Work 1 (Brain storming)
10/31Group Work 2 (Making concept for a new business model)
11/7Group Work 3 (Reviewing the plan with multilateral consideration)
12/12Presentation session

Phase 2 Oversea training session(February 10-15, 2016)

The selected students participated in the 2-day innovation program at SRI international, USA.

Phase3 Panel Discussion “How Japan should do to foster ‘Global Professionals’ in science and technology fields.” (March 24, 2016)

5 students representing all the program attendees made a presentation. They talked about what they learned through the program and suggested a plan to foster “Global Professionals”.